Thursday, September 17, 2009

hello fellow bloggers welcome to the chez puget blog

our living room looks a little bit different now
before it was covered from wall to wall with piles of things that no one in particular owned. 
what's the word i'm thinking of...conspicuously hidden fast food garbage and a tape or three. 
now we've separated the business from the party
a virtual mullet if you will
new developments include:
the comic shelf which currently has an oversized bible taking up space so if anyone has any comics feel free to bring them over

update: in the spirit of our ever popular toilet donation box, we plan to install a can which patrons can deposit their tip money for the dishwashers
we don't get paid by the hour but we accept tips
there's some new free stuff on the lawn, please don't take the chairs they are for lounging. you are welcome to take the lamp, stereo cabinet and please please take the risk game it is just not our thing anymore. you can take the microwave if you need it but not if you're going to blow it up. we do use it from time to time even though it on the lawn. i like those amys microwaveable dinners when i'm feeling lazy. i think a little rain makes a microwave work better. 

we have a new light, a lamp just broke and the landlord called and he said he's ordered two new windows for the "master bedroom"
thank u god
stop by and talk to santa sometime he's on the front porch
oh we cleaned the front porch

pix later 
back to work, cp

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